Read more about the Tiny House tipping point via our March, 2014 articles in and Tiny House Magazine (issue 15).

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The Tiny House Tipping Point v2

As of February 10, 1014:

● 26,788,713 = the number of times 582 Tiny House videos have been watched
● 755,793 = the number of people who “Like” Tiny House related Facebook pages
● 682,338 = the number of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook users reached every day via the
expressions “#tinyhouse”, “tinyhouse”, and “Tiny House”
● 452,174 = the number of search engine queries for keyword “Tiny House” during the 2013 calendar year.
● 199,754 = # of people who subscribe to 48 Tiny House YouTube channels
● 1000+ = # of Pinterest Boards
● 85+ = # of Tumblr “Tiny House” blogs
● 687% = historical growth in “Tiny House” keyword searches from March 2004 thru December 2013
● $57,900 = the average income of people who follow @RowdyKittens, @theminimalists, @newdream

Here is our source material, for those of you interested in learning more:

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