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Tiny House Listings

Custom tiny house in Tennessee. FYI, this one is for sale!

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14 hours ago

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Esther PalenschatNice full sized (or almost) appliances. And simple layout. Would still prefer enclosed cabinets above sink/counter area..but maybe there is no head room. Definitely nice.2   ·  13 hours ago

Chuck HarrisWow!!!
$58,000 gee you could get a full size manufactured home for that..... that's way to expensive for That size Tiny Home.... that's about $250 or $300 dollar's a square foot ..... that's way over priced..... for the size.3   ·  12 hours ago

Rusty MasseyThis is one of the most beautiful I've seen love contemporary .. White bright airy.. Love black accent.1   ·  12 hours ago

Star M. WatersWhite always adds to these TH... Don't especially like the idea of going up and down for stairs, however, some can. This one is very cleanly done, and like the washer and drying, a real couch, TV etc. Nice.12 hours ago

Kristen SpearsIf it is for sale where is the listing?1 hour ago

Phil StanfieldWaaaay too pricey. I can build 600 Sq ft on slab for that price....and buy the land as well....2   ·  12 hours ago

Susan CattNice and practical. Well thought out. Would like a virtual tour.1   ·  13 hours ago

Georgianna Landry EnglishVery nice indeed! Love the white walls! And there are stairs with a railing!!!2   ·  13 hours ago

Steven F. GroverDoes that chair double as a toilet?1   ·  13 hours ago

Katy RamseyNice outside. Looks sterile inside (to me)1   ·  13 hours ago

Patricia WormaldThere is a water and dryer .all I need13 hours ago

Carey WilliamsIt's $58,0004   ·  13 hours ago

Chuck HarrisHow much...?????1   ·  13 hours ago

Melissa Seiders JonesI LOVE this one!!13 hours ago

Gunnar Lars Wulfram TeutschSilvia Rier :)
dieses find ich auch super hübsch!13 hours ago

Krisztina G. LittleNice!13 hours ago

Shannon BreanneBoo it's for sale!13 hours ago

Carey WilliamsPrice?1   ·  13 hours ago

The Tiny House MovementThis is awesome!10 hours ago

Deb MichelNice13 hours ago

Christopher PauszI like the exterior10 minutes ago

Maureen Kleinbeck DetweilerJess Detweiler2   ·  13 hours ago

Jana Lemons AnthonyKatelyn Blankenship2   ·  13 hours ago

Hanaleigh Gami HealeyRichard Healey11 hours ago

Angel DutzyByron VonRick! Wow8 hours ago

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Tiny House Listings

The Hogan's, a family of four live in their tiny house in Minnesota. Thanks for sharing with us!

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3 days ago

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Jacinta ChevonAll of the negative things people have to say about tiny homes amazes me. How many of you are paying never ending rent? How many of you have a never ending mortgage a few missed payments away from foreclose? Tiny homes are great. I'm currently building one myself. I got tired of pay $1,200 a month for rent.56   ·  2 days ago

Donna ElmoreTo each's own but, I lived in a 32' travel trailer. I had a living area with a full size coach and a recliner. The kitchen had L shaped counter with gas range and double sink and on the opposite wall was a medium size refrigerator. Next area was bathroom with small sink, regular toilet, and tub shower combo. Next area was bedroom which I had a twin bed in that a queen would have fit but, I wanted walking room. Ok, I am sure this is TMI...But the reason I put the above info is to let you know that I have experience living tiny. I currently have about 3000sq' and it is just me. I currently have my home up for sale so, I can go back tiny because, I enjoyed life better. But, one thing that, I do disagree with on living in a tiny home is putting a family with teenagers in a tiny home. I just think kids need their space when they reach a certain age. No compost toilet for me.....most people complain about a two burn stove top but it is enough. Js19   ·  2 days ago

Cheryl Morgan WaltonThis is the best design of a tiny house for a family, I've seen yet! I was very impressed by the ingenuity.15   ·  3 days ago

Jennifer TaborI'm finding it difficult to find property in the DFW that
t would have utility hook ups...I don't want to live in a trailer park..what are ppl doing to get around zoning ordinance and utility hookups?5   ·  3 days ago

Colleen ReillyAs a single senior nearing retirement with no retirement left in the bank due to some setbacks...I am looking into selling my home, and paying cash for a tiny home. The only drawback I am running into is where can I put it? NO to trailer park, besides the cost is too high for monthly rent. I will only be getting $852/mo Social Security---Yikes! Any suggestions?2 days ago

Pat Quinlin McCormickFrankly, an RV--either trailer or 5th wheel--has more room and better storage/facilities. They never address holding tanks or where the black and grey water are going to go--MAJOR issues for houses not hooked to sewer/septic tank.3   ·  2 days ago

Janelle MillerWhen I was 18 yrs to 20 people lived in tiny homes known as trailorws. My first was an early 60 fleetwood. All wooden interior very cosy. That was 45 long years ago...lol5   ·  3 days ago

Star M. WatersVery well done, especially the kitchen and steps. However, I would be afraid of those. I was disappointed in straight back couch, I mighta put a real couch there. But obviously it works for them. The kids seem to like it, yes? lol giggle. I loved the idea with the washer/table; that took some creative thinking. Interesting...2   ·  3 days ago

Julie AnnOkay. This family, with two small children, live in this small space with no clutter? I mean. Sorry. I just don't buy it.2   ·  2 days ago

Philip Sibonajust wait when the kids grow more tiny house4   ·  3 days ago

Joshua MichaelKiara Jayne tow something like this into nimbin1   ·  2 days ago

Ericka CooperThe great thing about this one is you can have a regular bed downstairs instead and it becomes fully accessible!1   ·  3 days ago

Ilse ArceI love to have one of that beautiful house.2 days ago

Shirley HuberVery nice. Love the kitchen, full frig, washer/dryer, drawers---I wonder where the closet is for hanging clothes though.2   ·  3 days ago

Jessica ArtzTheir kitchen is ridiculous...not to mention the staircase and hall room...the open bathroom is gross...they could have made it more roomy if they planned better.1 day ago

Paula GibsonStephen Gibson two kids n a tiny house!🙈1   ·  3 days ago

Michelle ZigahAnyone know if they built this or where they ordered it from?3   ·  2 days ago

Jacqueline NevelI love this house...just perfect. Nice job1   ·  3 days ago

The Tiny House MovementI love your content, it's quite similar to mine!1   ·  2 days ago

Colette BouchardJ'adore votre petite maison,,,,super belle ,,,félicitations ,,vous avez compris,,,que de payer des hipotheques,,,toute la vie durant ,pour des grosses maison s,,,,bravo,,,,j'e vous admire,,,,bonne chance avec votre belle petite famille ,,,1   ·  2 days ago

Taylor Rachelle WallaceAlissa Wilbur look at the cool kids bunk beds!2   ·  3 days ago

Erika LloydCraig Lloyd....I want one!!!!!2   ·  3 days ago

Sophia MarmaladeHave fun smelling each other's farts!2   ·  3 days ago

Andrea LafreniereLove that it's realistic for a family.1   ·  3 days ago

Tina DawnHey right on. With all the money they save, their kids will have a lot of opportunities.2 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

The Thompson Tiny House in Idaho...This one is for sale!

More photos here: ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

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Angie SmithThere is a link on the post $38,000 I believe. I love the style but I really can't see the point in having an outside deck on the trailer, instead of more inside room, for this reason I would not buy this home. A fold down deck or build one in place makes so much more sense to me.6   ·  6 days ago

Robert ParisiIn the film "The Killer Shrews" starring James Best [Dukes of Hazzard] and Ken Curtis [Gunsmoke] the 'science-gone-amok' theme was based on an attempt to breed genetically smaller people due to projected future over population. starting first with mice, or shrews. I had thought that they had failed in their experiments, but these houses seem to imply that the theme of the movie has come to pass!?1   ·  3 days ago

Joan FranksNot for $38,000. I've seen others that are a little larger for 25,000.1   ·  6 days ago

Bernice SchaafI'm with Angie----WHY waste living space with a deck---Absolutely ridiculous6 days ago

Lizabeth Carlhow much? don't see the listing just the blog.7 days ago

Teresa Leonardoneed room for a small sofa and big screen TV then I'm sold...6 days ago

Nathon Chaney38,000 for 160 sq ft!!! That's 237 per sq foot!!! I hope it's made of gold.6 days ago

Julie AnnNicely appointed, cozy and sweet. But a bit too cozy.6 days ago

Luz FloresLove it7 days ago

Stephen ShulmanAlso price ?7 days ago

Deb MichelCute7 days ago

Megan HooverAmanda Berardinelli6 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

The Bushwhacker cabin in Kansas is a great example of the builder playing close attention to detail.

Be sure to checkout the rest of it here: ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Nadine HurleyVery cool. I like the layout and the dual purpose countertop space. Food prep space/dining space/work space. That leaves a larger living area to sit and relax. It's a bit more rustic looking than my shabby chic style, but that could be rectified lol. The outside screams shipping container, but it's great camouflage in a hunting setting. I actually like it.1 week ago

Tanya Litherland HoheThis is BY FAR the coolest tiny house I have ever seen!!! Beautiful!! LOVE the old fan attached to the ceiling!! Have never seen anything like it!! Great job!!15 hours ago

Virginia Arlene MedinaThis has got to be the best I've seen! Love how all your space has been used to it's fullest! Sleeping quarters are so great with the windows. Kitchen's great too! Love the bathroom. You don't see showers like that...roomy! Congratulations!1   ·  1 week ago

Joan FranksLove everything but the kitchen sink much too small. Doesn't look like you could fit a plate in it, let alone, a pot. Love the ceiling fan, the bathroom, the wood, All of it.1 week ago

Debra WhitbeyLove this one! But all those windows would never work for me. In southeast Texas it would be hot as a greenhouse and no privacy.1 week ago

Morquet GittensI will bill did differently I will put the bid the closet in the bathroom on top of each other in the kitchen on the other in any stairs on the side with a railing6 days ago

Gareth TroakeOne of the best tiny houses I have seen so far. Very thoughtful and well designed interior.1 week ago

Diane WebbI love the interior of this tiny home. Not too keen on the exterior metal rust thing going on though.1   ·  1 week ago

Star M. WatersNot too Shabby at all! Only thing I don't like about it, is I "now" like curly stairs, and higher bedroom ceiling. Outside of this, it's comfy, well put together and flows too! Loved the refrigerator and the plant too!1 week ago

Sharon A. GrasbergerGreat layout, different than any other I have seen. Love the light fixtures, and nice bathroom.1 week ago

Wendy WhitleyThis is definitely the nicest one I've ever seen! Almost Steampunk in aesthetic.4   ·  1 week ago

Marlene Beaumont VenterI wish we could have these homes here in South Africa too. Such a need for them,.:)1   ·  1 week ago

Darlene Baggett DoughartyLove the inside layout, looks comfortable and adequate space.6 days ago

Linda Magee McBrideNot liking the hunting decor, but absolutely loving the layout!1 week ago

Jennifer MartinThe inside doesn't look cheap. It looks great!1 week ago

Nick DruryDoes anyone know the cost?2 days ago

Amy BarrosI really like this layout! Just wondering what the cost of this one is?7 days ago

Chyrl KelleyYou have to contact them for the price. Must be expensive!1 week ago

Kathy SikesWOW, this is a great layout.1 week ago

Donna BestBeautiful and well thought out.1 week ago

Denise O'ReillyGeno Oreilly perfect...we just need 21 week ago

Julie AnnI love the details in this space. Nice bathroom. Check. Lovely kitchen space. Check. Room for a sofa. Check. Loft bedroom only. Meh.7 days ago

Chuck HarrisThis really looks cheap..... Looks like it was just drug out of the water....trying to dry out...... LOL1 week ago

Elizabeth BrodieThat's one fancy assed Bushwhacker7 days ago

PL ChatzGorgeous tiny house Chris Chatziantoniou1   ·  1 week ago

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Tiny House Listings

This morning I sat outside drinking a cup of hot tea and watched this amazing little male and female bird constantly bringing inch worms to their nestlings. It occurred to me that they built their nest from materials nature provided ahead of time before the eggs arrived. They feed their offspring with what nature provides. All of this is done with a little bit of instinct and tenacity. I know lots of people (including myself) that could benefit more often by observing nature and all of it's perfect simplicity, then putting the lessons learned into practice. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Sloane LeeThese look like starlings, who often actually drive other birds out of their nests so they don't have to build their own! Non-native, invasive species from Europe that is detrimental to local songbirds.2   ·  1 week ago

Renate KirstenAbsolutely... My garden and birdies are a constant source of inspiration to me... :)1   ·  1 week ago

Gail SandersThey have their own tiny house, like you. 👍2   ·  1 week ago

Patrick O'Keefe(_)D clink1 week ago

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Tiny House Listings

The concept of tiny house living definitely isn't just a USA/Canada thing. It's taking root all over the world, especially in places where traditional housing has become too expensive for regular folks that want to live comfortably and within their means. Here's one in The Netherlands that was recently complete. Thanks for sharing your build with us Reinoud!

More photos here: ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Gayle BehymerA tiny house is not for me, but for those without housing nor income, I say build and build more. Build until there are no more homeless..Just my opinion. hugs16   ·  1 week ago

Allen MacMillanit IS a canada thing, but sadly the governments in the country refuse to allow legal foundation construction or places to park them. i would build tomorrow, if i could get past the bureaucracy . :/9   ·  1 week ago

Ellen CarterVery exciting!!! I am from the The Hague, Netherlands and live in the Santa Cruz Mountains where I am developing tiny container homes and tiny home village with "stick" build tiny homes on wheels. #tinyhomebiglife #tinyhomelistings #kontenahomes #directionsrealestateanddevelopement #ellencarterbroker1 week ago

Tracy Sunny JeanneThe US has not really been excepting of tiny houses--try to find a place to put one!1 week ago

Julie AnnSame old formulaic tiny house.1   ·  1 week ago

Anne JohnsonBeautiful teal color. Would love this for my tiny house1   ·  1 week ago

Michael CaglePeople all over the world live in small homes and apartments. This is nothing new to most of them.3   ·  1 week ago

Chloe MartinI love tiny houses! I can't stop looking at all of them1 week ago

Dee BrownIf Bernie wins this will be all anyone will be able to afford.1 week ago

Kathy Hilllove this looks like you used space wisely love the furniture1 week ago

Chuck Harris5   ·  1 week ago

Mark Linda Carlson BransonVery Efficient!!!1 week ago

Kimette BeereI don't want a loft.1 week ago

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Tiny House Listings

It's amazing what can be done with an old Airstream. Thanks for sharing with us Erin!

More photos here: ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Joyce ChapmanI love everything about this. they did a great job with it. Although, I would have a hard time showering outside, the way they did it is really cute.2   ·  1 week ago

Jane ParkerSome people are so talented and neat. If they would just make a senior park with Airstreams and they were all set up like this one I would be thrilled.6   ·  1 week ago

Samantha Samiyah-jade StephensFahad Khamis what beautiful character this has.😊 one day can we buy one please.? A bus or converted something I don't want to live in a house forever2   ·  1 week ago

Diane WebbYep! My friends are currently redoing a 5th wheel. They gutted it and are redoing the inside completely. I can't wait to see the completion!1   ·  1 week ago

Mackenzie HammersmithEmelia Roohr maybe we should just buy a trailer and renovate it2   ·  1 week ago

Joyce ThompsonI love it. This is much better than a tiny home guys and not near as expensive.1 week ago

Ruxandra Stoica BratcherHow much would this cost? I'd really give up traditional living for something like this3 days ago

Katherine O'HaraAll you really need in a beautiful way. Kudos on this one!1   ·  2 weeks ago

Clair ShreeveYes please 😊 fabulous, I so want an Airstream as good as this one!!!! Glen Shreeve Annie Shreeve Aidan Shreeve2   ·  1 week ago

Karen HoffmanRebecca Champion, would be prefect for you,check out the pics1   ·  2 weeks ago

Nina PickstoneThis is so so nice! Noal Balint1   ·  1 week ago

Star M. WatersGreat! Bohemian touch on this one would be fun!1 week ago

Tanya Sydney KonstantinovI want one! I'll take the doggie too, thank you, LOL.1   ·  1 week ago

Katie LewisJesse it'd be cool to stay here!2 weeks ago

Staccia GreenwellChristopher Sweet soooooo you are making me one of these when you are done with yours right?!?2 weeks ago

Anita HughesTommy Hughes I want mine to have a tub like that. And a potters wheel of course. Haha1   ·  6 days ago

Cindy SheltonBeautiful !! I could so live in this !!2 weeks ago

Michele AugustBeautiful, love it !! I love outdoor showers they are the best !! Great job1 week ago

Ann ZielinskiI love the look but they feel cramped to me.1 week ago

Rachel AlexJ.d. Alex they built an outdoor shower 👍🏼1   ·  1 week ago

Elizabeth Potter GrahamIf I don't see a toilet, I don't assume there is one.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Ashley CaylorSandy Layton & Erin Jewell here is my tiny home 😁1 week ago

Connie PenningtonI could live here1 week ago

Paula June Elwood HayhurstBad assery right there2 weeks ago

Lena Fears GregoryI want one soooo bad :)2 weeks ago

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Tiny House Listings

The Indigo is a pretty sweet tiny home built by Driftwood Homes in South Carolina. Thanks Susan and crew for sharing this lovely tiny house with us!

More photos here: ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Sunshine MolinaThey should build tiny homes in Nj1   ·  2 weeks ago

Christina LaNett DavisLove the white shiplap and blue accents.....also 2 sleeping spaces....murphy bed/desk.....beautiful tiny house!1   ·  2 weeks ago

Heather Whipple DonahueI like this layout. I'd probably build the kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling for a bit more storage, or utilize that vertical space in some other way.5   ·  2 weeks ago

Renetta CornThe only thing keeping this tiny home from being perfect is the toilet isn't an incinerating toilet. It's the first one I've seen that I could truly envision me and my daughter in. Good job. (y)1   ·  2 weeks ago

Brittany AprilStaci Seeler, didn't know it was in a tiny home!!!! lol at kitchen2 days ago

Julie AnnI LOVE this home. Room for a sofa...Murphy bed downstairs. Lovely little bathroom. Good sized fridge.2   ·  2 weeks ago

Cindy HoodLOVE IT......Would love to see it in person. Will it be available anywhere to view?1   ·  2 weeks ago

Wilma CoderI want a Tiny House in PA!! How2 weeks ago

Darlene Baggett DoughartyExcellent floor plan, one of the best I have seen.2 weeks ago

Patty Mccracken McbrideThis is what I want after my kids move out2 weeks ago

Paige MillerI love that there is an actual bed with headroom. Might be the best one I've seen yet. :)7   ·  2 weeks ago

Jessica HallAnyone find a link to check out heir website?2 weeks ago

Josephine ColonOh yes, this is my speed...1 week ago

Julia ValentinLovely colour scheme and materials <31 week ago

Alycia WittlerWOW! one of the best I've seen and gotta love a real flushing toilet!2   ·  2 weeks ago

Deb JohnsonOne of the nicest ones I have seen. Lovely.2   ·  2 weeks ago

Kathy SikesLove this whole look and layout. What is the price range fpr something just like this one?2 weeks ago

Mary Swan LamarThat is the prettiest one I have seen so far.
Price ?2 weeks ago

Kat GarretsonWhere can we get one of these?2 weeks ago

Sesameb BryantGREAT POST AS THIS IS THE FUTURE...............................
Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone Paperback – January 29, 2013 by Eric Klinenberg (Author)
PAGE – 229. “If as it’s often alleged, the baby boomers are a distinctively self-interested generation, they may well use their political clout to promote housing programs that benefit them first. But in this case they could be forgiven, maybe even appreciated, because by building better places for themselves today they’ll give younger Americans better choices tomorrow. We’ll need them, too, since so many of us will be living alone.”2 weeks ago

Nona MicheleLove it!! Do I want to know the price?2 weeks ago

Naomi Donovan-PerryVery smart styling.2 weeks ago

Barbara Kevany Do FornoWhat a fantastic place!!2 weeks ago

Cindy SheltonI'd love this one !!1   ·  2 weeks ago

Misty EddyNo price?2 weeks ago

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Mary NortonAloha HaxtonLove the outdoor bath1 week ago

Lynn B-MacNeilBe nice to have in Canada.2 weeks ago

Kam BeeChristina Allen2 weeks ago

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