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Tiny House Listings

"Top 10 Reasons to Be a Part of the Tiny House Movement"

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8 hours ago

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Brook ButzmanWould've liked to have seen pictures of the inside...of this tiny home on wheels; )8   ·  6 hours ago

Sharon Hall Homann OvertonI want one but in Florida!1   ·  7 hours ago

Jim ConwayAt 3mph on the road. ;)40 minutes ago

Cheyenne TimmermanI already picked out the one I want :)! Excited4 hours ago

Andrea LafreniereKevin McCann we need to be on board ASAP. Lol5 hours ago

Michael CagleInteresting design exercise. Must be a pig to tow.47 minutes ago

Kyle JamesGraham Cottrell I like this one in the picture!15 minutes ago

Steph BreenKatie Beal5 hours ago

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Tiny House Listings

350 square feet tiny house on built by Tiny Life Construction. This one is for sale!

More photos and quick video tour here: ... See MoreSee Less

24 hours ago

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Brittany EggersWow didn't realize this was a cookie cutter type thing. I think the space works for a bigger family wanting multiple rooms. I think it's interesting and has a really great curb appeal. Hurts me to see people writing such cruel/critical comments about someone's hard work just because it doesn't match your style or needs.2   ·  21 hours ago

Brandon WimpeeThat a/c unit is not going to work setup like that, poor design, sorry.4   ·  23 hours ago

TyAnn LindellI give them props for a unique design. Personally I would love a main floor flex space like this!21 hours ago

Karen WillenbergI like it just fine, plenty of room to relax. I would make the back room a living room and sleep upstairs20 hours ago

Terry MartinWow,, what a horrible design ! With all that space , wasted space every where , especially where you walk into a side kitchen ? There are some really good ones on tiny house nation , and tiny house living , all you need to do is watch about ten shows and see what does and does not work or your likes but some really creative floor plans !!you have got to have a sofa some where to lounge and relax .21 hours ago

Sam YokleyNot very pretty in side2   ·  23 hours ago

Terri TurnerNope no place to relax set up bad1   ·  23 hours ago

Justin PaulCheck this one out Gabor Bencze!1   ·  22 hours ago

Gina KoscinskiWow that's nice6 hours ago

Bea NewLove tile floors23 hours ago

Cindy StevensIt's oddly designed. Poor use of a quantity of floor space.21 hours ago

Steven CogswellI really like this one!!23 hours ago

Tony BeyNot sure if we like it....23 hours ago

David MooreShould have just bought a travel trailer1   ·  21 hours ago

Carrie Anne MartinetteI've seen many shows on TV and the designs are getting better. I can't really tell on this one cause it's not furnished. But I know one thing what used to cost 25,000 there are places charging 60,000. Same sq ft. Like I've said I've seen many shows. There's a company in oregon that charged 90,000 for400 sq ft. No it did have marble and anything fancy!!!20 hours ago

Mickey KokeI want23 hours ago

Christian MalujeT23 hours ago

Rena WaringTanner Waring in Greensboro20 hours ago

Deb Hall WerthDoorways look awfully narrow. My rear-end wouldn't fit through them. Not for me, I guess :)22 hours ago

LeeAnne Casal-IndaAmelia Savage21 hours ago

Adam NowellBear Pilot23 hours ago

Michelle EllisMatthew Summers19 hours ago

Kelly Lynn MitchellKari Burns23 hours ago

Aldo AndersonAbby Fletes22 hours ago

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Tiny House Listings

Chillin in Manhattan! Working hard for the tiny house community. Derek Diedricksen you should have came! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Video screenshot

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Deb WildrickPeace!1   ·  2 days ago

Doug JonesGetting cities, counties, states to change zoning to allow tiny houses would go far. If there were more opportunities to park and live, in the industry to explode!2 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

30' tiny house, completely off-grid built by Upper Valley Tiny Homes.

More photos/video here: ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Fred Bound IIAlthough I love this whole tiny house my one concern was with the 2 folding tables on the walls. Where is the client going to put anything to sit on? 1 wall has ac unit. 2 other walls have tables. Just wondering. I would love to see fully decorated by owner.2 days ago

Edward HartmannWhat I want to know is what is the tongue weight on that trailer load. I though you usually had to go for a gooseneck after 24 feet and that truck doesn't even look like a half ton pickup. Is it just for pulling around the build lot or is that reasonably expected to pull it cross country?3 days ago

Cathy Mandola AbbottShould have turned the stove to go under the counter. Would have had more room2   ·  3 days ago

Becca FussnerKat Adams, I know you laugh at me, but this is one of my favorites.3 days ago

Suzan SavoiaI love these I watch the show all the time I could totally live in one3 days ago

Georgianna Landry EnglishI love the yellow! It really brightens up the space!!!3 days ago

Elizabeth HaynesBeautiful1   ·  3 days ago

Mary Jane WilligWonderful.3 days ago

David ThompsonGreat job looks beautiful3 days ago

Linda HartfordThis house is fantastic!!3 days ago

Bardia EhsaniI wonder how much this tiny house costs2 days ago

Phyllis NortonBeautiful3 days ago

Deborah SullivanOh...I could so do this....3 days ago

Michael CagleNice park model.3 days ago

Thorlak Skifte NielsenWhat kind of stove is that? On one of the pic3 days ago

Brandon Zoldosamazing3 days ago

Emily Karon RayKerry McClure1   ·  3 days ago

Sephorah RoddyEthan Bergquist plz1   ·  3 days ago

Kevin ReynoldsMore people need to use www.tinyhouseparking.com3 days ago

Zach SmithJena Smith3 days ago

Jordan CollinsonAryn Louise3 days ago

Dawn LynnJustin Matthew3 days ago

Heather HietpasRalph B Beck2 days ago

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Video screenshot

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Pat WoodardNice, but way to expensive for me....1   ·  3 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

I'll be in NYC Friday doing interviews and such about the tiny house movement. I'm free that afternoon anytime after 4pm anywhere in Manhattan. Hit me up. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Michelle RichI'm chronically homeless have been since I was about 17! How can I live off grid nd have a tiny house she'd or shack ... I,juss wanna become self sufficient nd take care of me on my own ... I get ssi nd I'm poor ...3 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Wooly Wagons builds very light gypsy-style tiny houses. This one only weighs 3,300 pound and can be pulled by an SUV. It has an aluminum frame to prevent rot and keep weight down. Thanks to Steve from Woolywagons for sharing!

Photos and video tour here: ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Laurel Althea RobertsThe idea is tremendous, but personally, I think using a camper door is tacky and looks terrible. It completely clashes with the traditional look of the vardo. A nice wooden door with a cute window, or even a Dutch door would be much more in keeping with the style. Otherwise, I like the design and ease of towing.12   ·  4 days ago

Vickie ReidThe toilet is atrocious. Inside the bowl it looks like tinfoil that wraps around feces. After 14 flushes you have to put in a new liner. How can that possibly be environmentally friendly?1   ·  4 days ago

Agnes V. FariasKristen Myers, I want one of these for traveling the country to various S&W festivals, plus national parks, music fests, vinyards, the list goes on...4 days ago

Johanna KrebsLove it! And that ceiling is to die for!
Love the little porch with the built-in shower, storage and a nice place to just sit and be outside without getting rained on.
Well done!4 days ago

Dennis W. CarpenterThis is a work of art. However, the rear porch is a waste of precious space. Looks nice but not very functional.2   ·  4 days ago

Pariah Willettthe reason the door is not wood is because there is an outside shower on the porch. See the hose and the drain? wood isn't waterproof4 days ago

Lara HallFun idea for camping, but not really something I could do full time. :)4 days ago

Susan AleyNo potty, deal breaker!1   ·  4 days ago

Roberta MorrisonVery nice!4 days ago

Lisa BrennanOoooh! Shutters! :)4 days ago

Stephanie CastleI want this4 days ago

Marilyn OwingsIt's great except the price, $49,000. Ouch!4 days ago

Mary Lou WatkinsWant one!3 days ago

Tracy KelvinI want one!4 days ago

Mary Estes SalgadoMy gypsy dream come true!!3 days ago

Cindy StevensI want that ☺️2 days ago

Joe AnkromAwesome4 days ago

Judy Agliata Simsthis is so cute3 days ago

Wendy HardinThese are adorable.3 days ago

Julie Doblethat is beautiful.3 days ago

Suzanne HewittComplete in love with this!3 days ago

Jen HumeDavid, this is adorable!4 days ago

Jeanine MainNow we're talking!4 days ago

Emily LamonteKatheryn McRae this is what you need4 days ago

Wendy ArmentaRae Martin1   ·  4 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Lauren and her husband are looking for space to park their tiny house in or around The Fort Collins, Colorado area.

Parking listing is here: ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Susan Hannah SanacoreWhy is this page called "Listings?"
I have tried ti get info tk purchase one... & nothing!1   ·  4 days ago

Samantha AtwaterWe live in Johnstown, CO and could possibly accommodate your needs. We are about 20 miles from Ft. Collins. PM me for details if interested.1   ·  4 days ago

Susan Hannah SanacoreI reached out for information & have not heard back. Perhaps I used an incorrect method-?4 days ago

Michele KuzmaGood luck1   ·  4 days ago

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