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Tiny House Listings

The Brevard Tiny House Company just completed this tiny house build dubbed "Abundance" which features a bed that stows away when not in use, creating more floor space.

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5 hours ago

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Vicky Agnewlink is not working4 hours ago

Chyrl KelleyPut the bed on a pop up frame so it feels like a real bed.6   ·  4 hours ago

Vicky AgnewI like that much better than the idea of having to go up and down a ladder at night.24   ·  5 hours ago

Bridget MagriI like the concept but I dont like how it looks when you 'stow' it away. That little nook with the washing machine, AC, & table just looks completely out of place and it just doesnt look like a well utilized area. And agree, there are a few things that could be added to the space/walls to add even more functionality!44 minutes ago

Lizzie JeanSaw that exact layout on tiny house nation last year.1   ·  4 hours ago

Allen MacMillanlooks like the minim house. :)5   ·  4 hours ago

Webby Woohoo RandiI see several spots where wall-hung bookcases could be added - above the desk, around the window in the platform area, above the sofa arm on the left (as you're facing it), and on the wall next to the closet door. They wouldn't have to be deep bookcases, just 6 inches. They wold add SO much storage area to this beautiful tiny home!3 hours ago

Jennie StadlerI wonder why no one uses a murphybed that can serves as a work space or dining table during the day... Readily available and then you aren't sleeping on the floor or climbing stairs or a ladder to a loft.2   ·  2 hours ago

Deborah Shawlove this one. So much you can do with the space. The bed can be pulled out slightly and used as extra seating if needed. The wall next to the entry door could have a fold down table. A small set of two fold up stairs could be put in to gain easy access to the raised area when the bed is not in use and just folded up and out of the way for the bed to slide out. That raised area would be a good office space.3 hours ago

Chuck PrestonI like the idea, not the placement3   ·  4 hours ago

Kate BarnettIs the kitchen on top, or are those washing machines?...Cute regardless3 hours ago

Barbara HarveyThat is great however, it sure is a LARGE step up to the desk area.1 hour ago

Fawzia M. CurleyNeeds a pop up frame4 hours ago

Thomas YdrogoLooks Sweet5 hours ago

Gale FlanaganI could so easily live here.3 hours ago

Duane KimballNice, clean design!1 hour ago

Pamela Strandquestlove this idea-needs a slight overhang at the end for a step4 hours ago

Michele PaccioneLove. :)4 hours ago

Kristin RaabThis looks so spacious April3 hours ago

Deanna Henarewhat a great idea, never thought of that2 hours ago

Amber SteeleAwesome5 hours ago

Elaine AndersonI like this one!3 hours ago

Linda BunkVery nice for people that won't have a problem getting off a bed that low.4 hours ago

Hanna KowalskiGreat, I like this a lot !3 hours ago

Kathy WaltersLove 💗2 hours ago

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Tiny House Listings

Tiny House Listings shared Tiny House Design's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Tiny Houses Growing Through the Cracks in City Rules

9 hours ago

Tiny House Listings

This off-grid tiny house on wheels was built by a local artist with personal touches throughout in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Checkout the rest of it here: ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

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Craig HallVery cool...1   ·  1 day ago

Deborah MahaffyNice 😀22 hours ago

JimApril Donachylove the rustic details1 day ago

Sandra DurhamBest so far.18 minutes ago

Vicky MillerIs there insulation?1 day ago

Steven van der WesthuizenCarol Henderson some nice aspects here eh?22 hours ago

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Tiny House Listings

Tiny House Listings shared Sunset Magazine's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

"Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
—Hans Christian Andersen (

2 days ago

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Donna RamonLove those tiny houses, I could do that;because I don't own hardly anything....................4   ·  1 day ago

Shelly SypienCute houses, but neighbors are too close.1   ·  15 hours ago

Wendy Hayslip LoweId love to live like that :-)5   ·  2 days ago

Dizmo LibelulaOmg what a Awsome pic and we're building our first tiny house out of a camper3   ·  2 days ago

George Ehrlekroname want!1   ·  2 days ago

Jack SimmonsOnly about $800 to $1000 a night if this is Dunton Hot Springs,,,1   ·  2 days ago

Jana KellyBeautiful and so true1 day ago

Sandra J. Spain McAdamsGod's country!2 days ago

Lorenzo Bautistabeautiful16 hours ago

Cyndi EversoleAnd a cat or two1 day ago

Lillian ReichowI want one1 day ago

Deborah HallThis looks very much like Dunten Springs CO. Wonder if it is. Will dig a pic out later today.1 day ago

Jane Zamora-SealsI could live there!1 day ago

Robert Conradlooks like fort New Salem in W.V.1 day ago

Terri McKinney AppellI could be very happy in one of these in this beautiful countryside2 days ago

Georgette CarlsonI would not bother anyone.2 days ago

Deborah Stinsonone day I will have one!1 day ago

Donna PerryWouldn't that be nice...1 day ago

Patricia LeonhardtI could live here quite happily forever!2 days ago

Pat CrouthamelYes don't forget flower(flour) to bake some goodies1 day ago

Teresa Smith Graylove love love....smell the fresh air, clean and fresh.2 days ago

Рене ВеинелтI like that. And i like M. Reynolds !!1 day ago

Debra Porteri want to live there1 day ago

Ilse ArceIt's a dreem.2 days ago

Patty Bragg Ziembacheck out, this is Brianne's friend traveling across the country promoting the tiny house.1 day ago

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Tiny House Listings

Kate Pierson (the singer from the B52s) took six Airstreams, made them super cozy and put them in the desert in Landers, California for guests to enjoy.

See more photos of them here: ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Anamaria EricksonThese are beautiful. I would love to live in one on a beach!1   ·  3 days ago

Curtis IngallsThey would look like a group of hot burritos in the desert.1   ·  3 days ago

Nik DurdenLove these shacks!4   ·  3 days ago

Don NorthcuttShiny metal tubes in the desert need overhead protection from the sun.3   ·  3 days ago

Tony WheelerNik I see what you did there. :)3   ·  3 days ago

Linda DeeGreat pictures, wonderful colors!3 days ago

Fawzia M. CurleyI want to go there. Where are they located? Who do I contact?3 days ago

Shelly RogersI want to go to there.3 days ago

Chris Krebsnice!3 days ago

Denise Chassé-WestonVery cute:)3 days ago

Lou WabiI want to go there! Can i?2 days ago

Star M. Watersvery nice, I want one...3 days ago

Dominic Vallières MarchandSimon Simon Matteau1   ·  2 days ago

Sarah HillTchad Blake look at these 😊3 days ago

David SalinasTheresa Escobedo
Juan Pablo1   ·  3 days ago

Martin SchepersLinnea Eriksson1   ·  2 days ago

Amy MeeThomas Mee2 days ago

Rich ConradKristi Timberlake Elles3 days ago

Emily DrennanJake Drennan3 days ago

Dana Meredith<33 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

"Tiny Living Homes Reinforces The Key To Simplicity"

More here: ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Colleen MitchellI need one with a downstairs bedroom I cant do stairs or ladders10   ·  3 days ago

Adrian CrookI would love to have a plot of urban land with a few of these plunked on it and a full on commune.7   ·  3 days ago

Margo Nason KrassBathroom?4   ·  3 days ago

Linda DeeNo point in posting without photos of the whole place.3   ·  3 days ago

Nikki MarvinDo you have more pictures of these homes with floorplans? Are there financing options and how do you transport them? Is there a moving fee based on location or do they need to picked up from your shop in Canada?
Thank you!!!1   ·  3 days ago

Marlee StoneI love the counter space!!! I'm curious to see the rest of the place1   ·  3 days ago

Lori-Ann JohnstonI JUST LOVE THIS,,,Amazing cool..oxoxoxo1   ·  3 days ago

Cathy HowardLove it3 days ago

Ebony YoungBeautiful3 days ago

Nancy McculloughThe ladder takes up sooo much space!3 days ago

Diana MainIn a heart beat!2 days ago

Jennifer BeasleyHannah This one looks like something you'd like :)3 days ago

Lavanda Sue Prater CarrollI love this !!!!3 days ago

Allen MacMillanstill waiting for a 24' design with stairs instead of a ladder.3 days ago

Tammy Jones RichardsLove this3 days ago

Toni Cagle-MartinYa I'd live in this little home in the country somewhere2 days ago

Chris KrebsGood price...3 days ago

Karen Lynch HaginTotally love this3 days ago

Luna Rain DawnI love this... i want.3 days ago

Christine PorterLove all the windows and doors. Allows for a lot of natural light.3 days ago

Jackie Brinkley HamillMore pics please3 days ago

Patricia CanidaI so want this.3 days ago

Mary BerryI love the no-upper-cabinets!2   ·  3 days ago

Deb KinvigBeautiful3 days ago

Sherry RiceSamantha Brianne I think the inside of this one.3 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Yesterday I featured Mike Basich's off-grid cabin in California. Today his mobile/tiny off-grid cabin that he built from reclaimed materials was featured on Tiny House Swoon. It's a pretty interesting and unique setup indeed.

Checkout the rest of it here: ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Tyler TrabantThat dude has the coolest stuff!3   ·  4 days ago

Cathy HowardHow I wish I could have one.4 days ago

מוריה בר נתןהדבר הבא במקום להשכיר דירה הכי טוב בעולם בית נוסע!!2 days ago

Lucky RoverAll I need4 days ago

Jarda ArbeitSUPER IDEAL4 days ago

Katie HoleskiThat is the most awesome gas stove I've ever seen! I thought it was wood at first and couldnt see that being safe in that corner, but now I see! Awesome!4 days ago

Carmen Meuse McDonaldLord I wish I lived there4 days ago

Julia CarvajalOlivia Sandoval this one too!1   ·  4 days ago

Tom WigginsJim Schliestett ~ check this out!3 days ago

Deidre CaelliBen Ben Caelli1   ·  4 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

For those that never knew or who are new to this page (welcome!) I run quite a few tiny house related websites that I hope are helpful to you and the tiny house movement in general. Here's quick rundown of each:

TINY HOUSE LISTINGS: Buy, sell and rent tiny houses in North America. I hope to expand the listings to other parts of the world in the near future.

TINY HOUSE SWOON: The most beautiful and interesting tiny houses built by people and tiny house builders the world over.

TINY HOUSE VACATIONS: Try before you buy. 100's of tiny houses all over the world that you can stay in, all in one place.

TINY HOUSE PARKING: Need tiny house parking? Have tiny house parking? Browse and post tiny house parking wanted and available.

TINY HOUSE GEAR: Gear and supplies that will make building and living in a tiny house pretty darn awesome and hopefully a bit easier and more cozy.

TINY HOUSE FAQs: The most-often asked tiny house questions answered all under one website roof. You can ask questions yourself there too.

SMALL HOUSE SWOON: Just like Tiny House Swoon, except slightly larger homes for those that prefer or need more space and love the inspiration.

You can also check me out on YouTube here:

I'm also currently working on a new website that I feel will be one of the most useful and important I've worked on yet. Stay tuned! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Maggie BillLooking for a tiny house 400 to 450 sq. ft. on Vancouver Island in the Saanich area..any to live in a Tiny House community are there any on the Island or the outskirts of Vancouver2   ·  4 days ago

Andrea SeifertOne day I shall own one2   ·  4 days ago

Samantha Hosking Greenlove the swoons!1   ·  4 days ago

Carol BoneyIs there a website for active tiny home communities?3   ·  4 days ago

G-Ma L D SmithDo you know of any tiny house dealers in the south? Mississippi - or is it better / cheaper to build your own?1   ·  4 days ago

Tom WigginsShannon Wiggins ~ we have to check these out when we search for our next urban Tiny Loft :D3 days ago

Cheryl JansenLove this post....I didn't realize you had a map of people looking for different things. What a great way to find people close that are looking for help or wanting to start their journey. THANKS FOR DOING THIS1   ·  3 days ago

Barbara CappielloMy chihuahua and I will one day reside in one of these adorable dwellings3 days ago

Ethelene Stubbslove TINY HOUSE SHOWS4 days ago

June WemlingerRentals in LA, California area?1   ·  4 days ago

Roberta BoydIs it possible in the "houses for sale" to be able to search my state and only have those in a particular state come up. When I look it is time consuming to go through them all. Also, filter either by county or city would me an additional plus.1   ·  4 days ago

Valerie VazquezGonzalo Gonzalez info galore!1   ·  4 days ago

Holly Marshall RobinsonMitch Martin Dean Robinson13 hours ago

Elisa ZamarripaCJ Murillo4 days ago

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