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Tiny House Listings

Karen wanted to share her double-decker bus with us in Kenya. She lives in it when she's not out and about traveling the world. Thanks for sharing with us Karen!

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4 hours ago

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Sandie Hawleyworks for me, I could live in it!3 hours ago

Emma CuppleditchMy dream home3 hours ago

John L MosesSweet3 hours ago

Kim Leighton MatthewsI love it!4 hours ago

Bonnie WyattGreat place. Is there any wildlife around?2 hours ago

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Tiny House Listings

I really admire the craftsmanship and ideas implemented in The Tiny House Basics tiny home. Want to take a quick video tour of it?

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7 hours ago

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Kim McMurtreyThis is one of the best I've seen so far. Great use of space and I love the accordian window!1   ·  7 hours ago

Karen MamalakisGreat window; but, the refrigerator would work better if they flipped the door opening! It was also nice to hear them comment on how long they have actually lived in this TH! Thanks for a nice video!2 hours ago

Ana Cristina EizagaMe encantaria tener una casa asi... espectacular3 hours ago

Terry Gordon RoemerAwesome! Love this one!2 hours ago

Fred GarvinSdedfd23 minutes ago

Lisa M MedearisAlex do you remember this one?1 hour ago

Bridgette GrantRick Grant7 hours ago

Helen BlanchJoshua Roe7 hours ago

Sarah Fitzgerald-HolmesDion Deezy Argus5 hours ago

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Tiny House Listings

Congrats to Ricardo for selling his vardo! Tiny houses are sold pretty much daily on The Tiny House Listings site. If you have a tiny house for sale or for rent (long-term) you should consider posting it to the site if you haven't already.

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8 hours ago

Tiny House Listings

The NW Haven tiny house has a folding deck for additional living space outdoors. This one is pretty darn nice. Built by Tiny Heirloom.

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1 day ago

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Georgianna Landry EnglishWhere do I begin, I love the French door. I love the white walls and white ceiling. I absolutely love the white porcelain farmhouse sink! I am probably the only person who does not like a stainless steel sink!!! Great job!!!10   ·  1 day ago

Lisa Simmons MobleyThis is so nice. It really looks big. I just toured one with more square footage and it didn't even seem as big as this one.1 day ago

Bára Bwitchedthis loft looks like it has enough space to stand up (for shorter people like me), which is great to see! Love it!1 day ago

Maureen DaveyLove this one. But I would want arm rests on my sitting area.( couch )23 hours ago

Kellie PaceI LOVE this! 💜 So beautiful. Just what I imagine for myself.1 day ago

Traci WhiteBeautiful but the idea of a tiny home is reducing debt at this price it is a contradiction24 hours ago

Bobette BryanReally cute! I love the style, especially the kitchen area layout and sink! The double doors bring in a lot of light, but they take up a lot of precious space and would be so easy to break into.1 day ago

Scarlett McDonald McClurgAwesome! But....add an ottoman to prop your feet up 😁23 hours ago

Marci GurtonLOVELOVELOVE this one.1 day ago

Joe Ankrom$97,500 not a chance2 hours ago

Suz CroutwaterKimberly Kinder1 day ago

Pamela GuzmanGorgeous1 day ago

Dianne ZacherBasically they all look the same.1 day ago

Harthalene CasterlineLike alot1 day ago

Ellen Shepherd Scampinivery nice!1 day ago

Dorisz O'RourkeBeautiful;)1 day ago

Tiffany FarmerPerfect for me1 day ago

Whitney HillThis is perfection, Doug 😍1 day ago

Deb MichelNice16 hours ago

Jacqueline BeldingWant1 day ago

Lois Mitchell<3 it1 day ago

Henrietta Black PlessasRebecca Lewis. Favorite1   ·  1 day ago

Timaree CheneyThe only thing I would change is to put a washing machine where the beer tapper is! Gorgeous tiny home!1 day ago

Valerie GreenleeLovely! Marisa Johnson1 day ago

Andrea CodyKeir Feiler1 day ago

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Tiny House Listings

The Tiny Solar House is currently traveling across The United States. Thanks for sharing with us Michael!

You can see more of it here: ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Shauna Miller FedsI've been looking for awhile and this by far is my fav. Great job2 days ago

Nunya-Ray SterlingLove the screen door! :)2 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Tiny House Magazine, issue #42 is out!

Get yourself a copy here: ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Christine Moss WheatleyI want it in print, like a real magazine. Does it come that way?2 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Container homes, what do you think about them? Here's one in Colorado. It's for sale.

More photos here: ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Chaz WilliamsBen Fulton Winter project. Get one sent up, work from your back yard after hours, sell in the spring. They asking 65k for this thing..2   ·  3 days ago

Georgianna Landry EnglishI love it but then again I love industrial!!! Perfect for me!!!1   ·  3 days ago

Tom MaegdlinWish someone would sell a white box version with the electric and plumbing already done.1   ·  3 days ago

Betty Smith McCraneyLove this....private pool house and shop for you Richard McCraney3 days ago

Alex Tango FuegoI'd venture a guess of $ not included...for hunting 1%'ers...not the 99%...

Also not including HVAC nor off-grid PV set-up nor water well nor septic...$100k all in...the 40' container is likely only $2500-3500...3 days ago

Elly FletcherRussell Thomas........Be ok on that 11 thousand acres!! 😀1   ·  3 days ago

Renee Schulenburgnot for me but i loke it3 days ago

Debbie BakerI love this!❤️❤️❤️3 days ago

Elizabeth Rivera Riveraim concern about the heat1 day ago

Gloria BauerThey did a real nice job fixing it up3 days ago

Chyrl KelleyIt's in Brighton, CO. Asking $65,000!3 days ago

Jane CampbellSherry mach3 days ago

Annette KeenbergI wish they weren't illegal in Los Angeles county3 days ago

Judith Perry RogersLike the idea but the price is high.2 days ago

Denise BraithwaiteI like that all is on one floor3 days ago

Pamela Leonard BraxtonNot3 days ago

Christopher RallsSeth Falkner here's you guys a sweet pad3 days ago

Lisa PainterThis would be perfect for the land Josh Painter🙌3 days ago

Vicki you go!3 days ago

Bobette BryanNo refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, or closet space. And not much space to move around in or to relax in.3 days ago

Echo Moonis anyone else wondering where the heck the fridge is? i didn't see a size or length listed or a price.3 days ago

Stacey WightI absolutely love these. I actually prefer these over an actual tiny house.3 days ago

Bridget RichardsonTaneal Brucks! 😍3 days ago

Kathy Edwards FayNo kitchen appliances? Where is living g space?3 days ago

Elly FletcherSteve Fletcher3 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Scarlett is one of several tiny houses located at Mt Hood Tiny House Village in Oregon and was built by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Thanks for sharing with us Steve!

More photos here: ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Christine Moss WheatleyDown size, go back to basics. Remember all the families that lived in a one room log cabin? They were closer and healthy talk. I would love to design my tiny house and retire. Who has a big back yard?2 days ago

Phyllis DelisiI've been looking for a small 1bed 1 bath appartment for over a year. They tell you one thing but mean another. I'm about to scream I'm so disappointed. I love tiny homes, but there are no communities near where I need to be. At this rate, I'm ready to rent a decent dog house.1 day ago

Randy KnowlanI see many tiny houses that don't include a stove hood and fan. Does anyone smell trouble with that plan?3   ·  4 days ago

Rachel HermanThey should make a tiny home village in North Carolina2   ·  3 days ago

Michael Robert StanleyI've been admiring Scarlett for some time now. I'm going to make a trip up there and give her a test run but I WANT her!1   ·  4 days ago

Kitt DoughertyDavid Julie... This one is great! You'd even have room for the girls to visit!1   ·  4 days ago

Mallory PersicoCarrie Sidwell this tiny house is in your hood! Maybe I'll come live in it ❤️1   ·  4 days ago

Denise JohnsonI'd love to spend a week here. How do I find out more? I tried to fill out the form; but my iPad got an error message.3 days ago

Andrea CodyElizabeth Licata can I put this in the backyard and pay you rent4 days ago

Laura RicheyI love this one more than any other one I have seen! I would love one!4 days ago

Kymm Kippeoa flush toilet and bedroom downstairs, I'll take it.4   ·  4 days ago

Lori FlynnI want it to in Charlotte,NC.1   ·  4 days ago

Jo TillmanHave you seen the prices on those little houses??3 days ago

David Schiowitzperfect for the cats. kittycat4 days ago

Renee Schulenburgawesome4 days ago

Christine Moss WheatleyYes, Scarlett would be perfect. Love it!2 days ago

Nicole LillieBummer...they are only nightly rentals. :(4 days ago

Cheryl Anne HeldThis place looks amazing!!! Ahhhhh.....:)4 days ago

Theresa ShelleyReally enjoying our stay!!4 days ago

Alycia Wittlercute, but would need a flushing toilet4 days ago

Sharron JenkinsI want this ..3 days ago

Candice Burgomg how adorable!4 days ago

Elizabeth ClintonI want it4 days ago

Cher StaiteIs the yard actually bigger than the house?4 days ago

Rebecca ClaymoreLove the downstairs bed this is perfect4 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

10 tiny houses for sale in Texas.

Check em' out right here: ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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TyAnn LindellHow many of these are still for sale? I know the Nomad house has sold...4 days ago

Rusty MasseyIs there financing for these homes.. What would the cost be to bring to Alberta Canada?4 days ago

Renee Schulenburglove em4 days ago

Susan McNamaraMore pictures would have been great!4 days ago

Kat Harmeyerwhy all for sale is my question4 days ago

Sarah J. DavidMegan Coleman1   ·  4 days ago

Joey days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Tiny house for sale in Afton, Tennessee. Follow the link below the photos for the listing.

More photos here: ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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Tracey VogelI just saw it on t.v. as could tell they wouldn't be able to cut it...he did not looked thrilled with any of it...cute house.6   ·  5 days ago

Missy Hurst HenryYeah I saw them not lasting too. I think they thought the idea was great,but pairing down may have been to much for them. It sad I've seen many who are selling their tiny home.4 days ago

Michelle HolmesThey aired the episode last night. Just sad that they wanna sell it already.5   ·  5 days ago

Christina TurcotteWe just saw this air. Why is it for sale?!4   ·  5 days ago

Susanne CookTracey Vogel, I just saw it yesterday as well. I didn't think they could do it either, but because of her, not him.1   ·  5 days ago

Denise LacyI bet there will be a lot of these for sale. It's a very weird fad.4 days ago

Chelsea HodgdonThat's awesome it has a washer and dryer, wasn't expecting that.5 days ago

Nancy KralI can't believe they are selling already. It's a great tiny house, but I guess tiny house living is not for everyone.4 days ago

Krissy CooleyDave Chastain get me this tiny house2   ·  5 days ago

Yogi ChoquetteVery beautiful!1   ·  5 days ago

Marci GurtonI like the sign above the TV, "Dun Struglin est. 2016"1   ·  5 days ago

Cande KellerJust saw it in TV this w/end.2   ·  5 days ago

Monica RiveraLinda !!5 days ago

Maureen DaveyIt's good to see a siting area with arm rests .love this home...4 days ago

Janessa CraigThat is super cute!5 days ago

Renee Schulenburgso adorable5 days ago

Deb MichelNicely decorated,like this one a lot....5 days ago

Cyndie Rindfleisch TozzoIts actually quite adorable.4 days ago

Robin AnneLove this one...5 days ago

Elizabeth Castle❤️ this5 days ago

Patti ChilesLove it5 days ago

Karen Lynn MannSo so cute4 days ago

Penny RobinsonPrice?5 days ago

Damaris Ortiz DouglasLove it!5 days ago

Cassandra PinneyBest one I've seen yet!! This is amazing 😍5 days ago

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