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Tiny House Listings

Brevard Tiny House in North Carolina has quite a few tiny house builds under their tool belts now. Here's their latest. It has a baseball theme through. Themed tiny houses, what do you think?

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5 hours ago

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Stacy KiserIt is so cool to see my Niece and Nephew's home all finished!2   ·  5 hours ago

April KeenerLovely!!! I like that the living room is a little separated and can double as a guest room. Dining room table on the divider door ..... GENIUS!!!! Like the storage space in the floor and the washer/dryer!!! Think all it's missing for me is a bathtub.1   ·  4 hours ago

Maggie SergioThe biggest issue with all of these tiny homes is the clearance space underneath. Raccoons, skunks and other wildlife looking for den sites often end up in crawl spaces or under homes. Mobile homes are especially vulnerable because of this very issue.1   ·  5 hours ago

Hadley Kleebhow often do you feed it?4 hours ago

Aimee Green HancockLove this house. Having stairs with storage is genius!!5 hours ago

Erber Hawknot a bad crib3 hours ago

Missy VanWormerCool! First tiny house I've seen with room to hide a body 😁. Lol
Jk- love the theme4 hours ago

Becky HohansheltReally interested in a tiny home. Great design. We are older so love the steps & storage. What does a tiny home like this cost? Do you know if can be built in georgia? Think want a permanent home.2 hours ago

Ryan Kenneth MartinI like the raised floor idea. Nice smugglers hatch!1 hour ago

Leah Smith VavraJennifer Callazo, I like this one. It's livable.1   ·  4 hours ago

Cari Newcomb MorehouseGretchen Pani, I found your tiny house.1   ·  5 hours ago

Neven PaNa Ta Sha you know we will baby ;)5 hours ago

Gretchen PaniYES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Doug Pani !!!3 hours ago

Jessica CrowderMallory Ross49 minutes ago

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Tiny House Listings

Patty's tiny house in Austin, Texas. Thanks for sharing Patty! Follow the link below the photos for listing (it's for sale).

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2 days ago

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Emily Jan Moore$60K is waaaay too expensive for a tiny house.8   ·  2 days ago

Thad Man60K. Wow.2   ·  2 days ago

Judy F SmithI do like the steps to the loft rather than just a ladder. 60K is too much though1   ·  1 day ago

Marsha ViaLove this, but 60K for 250 square feet is ridiculous! !!1   ·  2 days ago

Segrid PearsonBeautiful but overpriced.2   ·  2 days ago

Christi Umholtz Jewellthat is a lot19 hours ago

Marie Penders60k pffffttt. roflmao..2 days ago

Erin RueckertVery nice!2 days ago

Barbara Kevany Do Fornonicely done2 days ago

Sara Alford LevineI'm in love!2 days ago

Julie AnnNo. Not for 60K.2 days ago

Linda SchleedeOne of my favorites2 days ago

Terry Newman BeckerRidiculous price I will keep my house2 days ago

Laurie PoppThe sq footage in these tiny homes cost more than a regular size home! Ridiculous😕. I have been looking for one for a long time now and figure I'll just buy a standard size house at these prices2 days ago

Linda DurocherVery nice2 days ago

Malcolm SmithNice design, and clearly well built...Love the cedar look...actually 250 is on the larger side for these Tiny Homes, and the price is about standard...if you check tumblweed, you pay more for less like to see pics of the front interior of the house!1 day ago

Annette SmithA trailer is not a small house.2 days ago

Helene KaleOver priced! Could do this with a trailer for a lot less.2 days ago

Michelle CouplandI Really like the design of this1 day ago

Tina L Aaron KniffenThe link does not work2 days ago

Daniel J. PartrigePretty1 day ago

Darren DownieFor people who believe that $60000 is to much for that home check out the price of new holiday trailers and motorhomes.That place is a bargain.You can't put a price on the excellant engineering and cool design the tub/shower was awesome.2 days ago

Herrell LyttonLittle bigger but ya got the right idea2 days ago

Fran M Collette Mullislike very much2 days ago

Stephen RodriguezIs there any solar hooked up to?
Should be for that price.2 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Pickup your copy here: ... See MoreSee Less

This month's magazine is a special edition exploring school buses converted into tiny houses. Retired buses, rescued from the sidelines, are each given a special design and new color as seen by the new owner. Purchase your copy here:

3 days ago

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Wendy HardinWe lived in one for a short time. My three girls loved our Beast! They had bunk beds and to them an awesome adventure .1   ·  2 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

One of Jim Toplin's many traditional caravans. This one has traditional vardo styling reminiscent of the 19th century.

More photos here: ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Rusty WilliamsThis one I could live in without a problem! !!1   ·  3 days ago

Rhonda Aulner BlouinI want this!!!!4 days ago

Perrie Evil-Eye AllenBeautiful4 days ago

Linda StepancevichHow cool..... !4 days ago

Laura OttinaA dream!😍4 days ago

Rabia YalnizCozy!3 days ago

Carol SchunemanVery cute!!4 days ago

Jane E Dam Mosherthis is me. i want this one..... now. today. sleep in it tonight. .....sigh...4 days ago

Lia Lo GrassoHow cool !!3 days ago

Sarah YankeeHow heavy?4 days ago

Sarah YankeeI'd love one small enough for my outback to pull. Finally replace the tent.3 days ago

Araceli OrozcoCutest thing ever!4 days ago

Irene Palermo BauerschmidtLove it4 days ago

Frederica FairyI want this so bad!!4 days ago

Peter VerrallGo down the York Peninsula for the real thing4 days ago

Stephen ConsoliI need this4 days ago

Linda Mistretta Andersonnice hideway love it3 days ago

Eva VavenkoHobbit cute4 days ago

Kathleen FoyLOVE THIS !!4 days ago

Rose Marie Homeyer-Bente'Wow... more data Please4 days ago

Stella BreauxLove this. Looks so comfy.4 days ago

Janita FauntleroyHow I would love to own one of these4 days ago

Paula June Elwood HayhurstI want1   ·  4 days ago

Jean Daltonsweet!3 days ago

Celeste Webb HowanichI want one4 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Tiny House Listings shared My Tiny Dream's post. ... See MoreSee Less

Step #1 into our big plan...just bought this baby!

5 days ago

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Bud SimsTo this26   ·  5 days ago

Bud SimsA friend took this from this to8   ·  5 days ago

Rebecca BrugmanRighteous!!1   ·  5 days ago

Cheryl MikkelsonIt's mint Wow1   ·  5 days ago

James BarryMake sure you insulate the roof well as there is nothing worse than having condensation dripping from the roof of your new home. Good luck with your build.1   ·  4 days ago

Pamela SchultzLove it!!4 days ago

Jj PerrinoCongrats!4 days ago

Brandy DeMarcoSweet!4 days ago

Jane MearsAbout how much did u end up paying for this? Was it roadside or online?5 days ago

Bev SantoniVery Nice !!5 days ago

Keith HowellHave Camper Will Travel. All ya need to see the USA!4 days ago

Mary KernsSo cute.3 days ago

Shelley MillerLove It!!5 days ago

Sirkku SokeriGood luck on the renovation. Hope it turns out awesome!4 days ago

Laure Asher OchartAdorable!5 days ago

Valerie Peterson AndreasI want one!5 days ago

William Johannes Pakkalalooking sweet5 days ago

Debora Peachee-WatsonGreat buy congrats to you5 days ago

Belle Summercute, I want to put one in my backyard for a guest room. I love it2   ·  5 days ago

Terri Schroeder Cookjealous5 days ago

Patty FieldsNice5 days ago

Lisa Rolesnice4 days ago

Charlotte DialCute5 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

The Eco Perch Treehouse.

See more of it here: ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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Leigh Vinerholy cow!! that is the coolest2   ·  5 days ago

Susan Fendrich Don KavanaughI really like this one!1   ·  5 days ago

Beth Ahlquiststorage like dressers?5 days ago

Diana BaezI want one. :-)9 hours ago

Marie-Lyse Kanispas mal... mais cela me fait penser à un tank...2 days ago

Desiree CelesteWhat!?!!5 days ago

Candace DefayetteLove this5 days ago

Patricia Burnette RaineyLovely!5 days ago

Matt RohanWhat kinda slope did they use on the roof?5 days ago

Mark BarlowIt's on the ground. Kinda hard to call that a treehouse...5 days ago

Pat Stain OlsonReally great5 days ago

Lisa JannazzoLove this one!!5 days ago

Judy Agliata Simswhat a great little get away5 days ago

Debra WalentLove it.5 days ago

Tami BoltonMy favorite so far!5 days ago

Suzanne de KlijnBuild me one...5 days ago

Alex EntelisI love everything about this house except the bed in the living room.. Why not a Murphy bed or a pullout couch??.. I could not entertain guests and strangers in my Bedroom..5 days ago

Alicia MoralesI <3 little houses.5 days ago

Megan PrattI want one5 days ago

Isabel VillanuevaThis is gorgeous. I am so amazed at the intelligence behind this project.5 days ago

Timothy OneilLooks like a tank track.1   ·  5 days ago

Kannan Saminathansuper24 hours ago

Jack LeightonAwesome!5 days ago

Belle Summerso cute. Love the shake and natural wood5 days ago

Lois MitchellMy all time favorite.... I could so live in this... beautiful !5 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Tiny House Listings shared Innermost House's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Quotation for a Saturday Off the Grid!

It is not down in any map; true places never are.

Herman Melville

6 days ago

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Hope HopeI could live the rest of my life there! 💜10   ·  6 days ago

DeJarnette EdwardsMy vision of heaven on earth.6   ·  6 days ago

Amy Hickok ReamsThis place is exactly what my heart and soul needs..1   ·  5 days ago

Paula WhiteHome of my heart.1   ·  5 days ago

Sally SchrockIt's beautiful. Where is this one located?6 days ago

Jason ShepardNow *THIS* is my type of home and location. A simple house in a beautiful, remote setting. Excuse me, for I am drooling (and crying).5 days ago

Ursula MellorsLooks soooo cozy &, what a view6 days ago

Lynda my dreams, I live here4 days ago

Patricia LeonhardtLove this place!6 days ago

Stephanie Greyme too6 days ago

Judy Sullivantelaport me this instant!5 days ago

Theron BurlingAwesome5 days ago

Anita HinojosLooks so peaceful6 days ago

Sabrina Rileyim definitely there5 days ago

Stephen BrownReally amazing thank you for sharing5 days ago

Wendy HardinNo one would be able to find me. Ever. Perfect.1   ·  5 days ago

Sandy Stinnett HansenBeautiful place6 days ago

Brian KavanaghLike your post's like this!5 days ago

Lucie Gaudet❤️❤️6 days ago

Catherine Denise SzatkowskiWOW6 days ago

Maity Mait Delgado💓6 days ago

Charlotte DialWow5 days ago

Lo KettleJoseph Canell right here. :)5 days ago

Leslie PotterLisa Hughes1   ·  5 days ago

Lina MacDonaldFelix Taehoon Kim5 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

The Steampunk Tiny House in Utah. Thanks Angus for sharing!

Be sure to checkout more of it here: ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Jason ShepardIt's definitely interesting and has some great steampunk elements. As a rabid fan of steampunk, I wish they would have taken it a bit further. Metal grating mounted to the front of the cabinets, a rusty tin ceiling instead of painted beadboard (or a metal look-alike to beadboard) and smaller-pane factory-style windows would definitely help.

The biggest thing that I noticed right off, though, is how much the kitchen sink, collander and faucet stand out like a sore thumb. They are far too modern for a steampunk appearance and they throw off the balance of what is, overall, a nice injection of steampunk design into a rustic-styled home.1   ·  1 week ago

Jake WhitworthIt looks very interesting, buts its not steampunk is it? Where is the copper? Where is the rich wood tones? Where is the Victorian in this? Its a beautiful example of industrial style decor, but you cant just slap one red valve on a light and a gear here and there and call it steampunk. This might have been labeled steampunk by the shows marketing dept just to try to grab a different audience.1 week ago

Robby Castro-hamesLove the tub1 week ago

Donna Irish LongConstruction of this one was a full episode of Tiny House Nation: week ago

Tyson JonesWOW, a whole 2 pictures!1 week ago

Laureen A KanyanI saw this on YouTube and thought it was really cool!3 days ago

Joseffa NijiThis isn't my stile - I tend toward Gothic - but I think it is really well executed. It's beautiful.1 week ago

Terry SchindlerTo dark ....sorry1 week ago

Car OLI have seen this on cable and this is the way a single mom wanted for her and her daughter.1 week ago

Fred Sancool floor1 week ago

We Love Tiny Houseswww.welovetinyhouses.com1 week ago

Cheryl A GreenI am going to build one of these! :)7 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Checkout this new listing. It's a 280 square feet tiny home in British Columbia.

Listing is here: ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Peace KarenThats a lot for a tiny house .1   ·  1 week ago

Christi Umholtz JewellSo nice19 hours ago

Timothy Oneilperfect !!!1 week ago

Terry SchindlerVery poorly done from the few pictures offered !1 week ago

Kathy StoutLove it1 week ago

Isabel VillanuevaThis is beautiful. I wonder where can one buy this home? And for how much?6 days ago

Mike KallayYes very nice1   ·  6 days ago

Hawks Tiny Houseits only 33350.70 USD 40k canadian...and that's reasonable for a pellet stove and washer n dryer really. i'd ask 30 without those items.1 week ago

Tracey MacFie O'NeillPeople need to realize the price is Cdn and pretty decent for the province. Materials aren't cheap here!1   ·  1 week ago

Robert BowenI didn't get past the price...seriously?1 week ago

Julia BowmanGag......1   ·  1 week ago

Javed ShahThat Just so terrible.1 week ago

Mike Riley:-))1 week ago

Patrick Elbenlol1 week ago

Rich Booth40k?????1 week ago

Sherry-Anne SuttonValerie Bogen... they are in nelson!1 week ago

Shauna CahoJoseph Magee1 week ago

Ron SmithJess Smith1 week ago

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