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Tiny House Listings

A restored house truck on the coast of New Zealand. Thanks for sharing Mike!

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3 hours ago

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Kelly Keyes DarcangeloLisa Smart Kieffer these are the tiny houses I was talking about!1   ·  3 hours ago

Jane BurgessI have actually seen this in Maraetai at the beach :)2   ·  3 hours ago

Jeanne JacksonHey Becky a roof over your head.....and the ocean!!!!1 hour ago

Cathy CathyI could do this!1 hour ago

Bob GizaNice!2 hours ago

Kerrie PihemaGo the kiwis : )2 hours ago

Tiny House SystemsLove this home on a truck. Ahh good memories....2 hours ago

Vicky HuntTotally gorgeous - love the bath!2 hours ago

Alannah AllbrettAwesome, Awesome, Awesome!3 hours ago

Linda Marie Pendle BrainardThat would certainly work!3 hours ago

Hayley KennyStephen Kingsbury3 hours ago

Fred BarrettI love your lil' place!!!3 hours ago

Stephanie LeeI love this....I could so live there :)3 hours ago

Taylor Colwell Lydiard<33 hours ago

Hilary ReynoldsBecky Herman Vreeland3 hours ago

Devon AvilesBadass!3 hours ago

Jw CoatesCool little houses with small footprint3 hours ago

Amy HerringLove this one!3 hours ago

Bev Adair LossOMG! Totally LOVE it!3 hours ago

Jane BurgessAwesome!3 hours ago

Notjust AbreederYes please3 hours ago

Judy DavisLove3 hours ago

Dorothy ParadisGreat website! Love the Greenies and Hippie House as well.2 hours ago

Regina McDonaldincredible, I'd stay there in a heartbeat3 hours ago

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Tiny House Listings

A 280 square feet tiny house built to house a family of three.

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1 day ago

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Shannon RalstonGrowing up Tiny :) we have an 8x22 tiny house on wheels for myself, 6 year old, 3 year old and our German shepherd. We are living like kings and queens ;)20   ·  1 day ago

Rebekah KniselyI love seeing this! We're in the process of getting a tiny home started for our family of FOUR. Yes, I know we're a tad nuts.10   ·  1 day ago

Frances McMillanI'll never understand these tiny sinks. Doesn't anyone else own a cookie sheet?5   ·  1 day ago

Terri Swann McCulleyBeautiful floors!4   ·  1 day ago

Carol MuellenbachDo you have to climb through a little cubby hole to get to the bedroom?3   ·  1 day ago

Pamela WebsterAny one have any plans not on wheels? Looking for 16x24 footprint / upstairs with loft master & high ceilings plans- want to build 5 for a beach resort (Eco) total Sq foot 400ft?1   ·  1 day ago

Linda McMillenI clicked the link after looking at this adorable, little house! WOW! They're definitely all small, some even tiny! But, they're all gorgeous!!!1   ·  1 day ago

Kari SchmidtLizzy French, Nikki Osborne1   ·  1 day ago

Danielle LuescherJohonor Pampel1   ·  1 day ago

Cristina IrizarryMarc Thompson5 hours ago

Linda TanzolaLuv it14 hours ago

Hilary ReynoldsBecky Herman Vreeland21 hours ago

Gary Pam BeverageLove this, sure would have to get rid of some stuff !22 hours ago

Laura PainterOmg yes ! Defiantly would want a regular size sink23 hours ago

Nic AndarkBrett Andrews24 hours ago

Robin Johnson ThorneNot fond of this one.1 day ago

Chia Chia LiuLOve it~How to deal with waste water from toilets and hand-washing stations?
Do I need septic tank in the ground, if I built one?1 day ago

Travis MadonnaKaila Baila1 day ago

Vickey BurnsedWhy aren't you moving your Tiny House with you? You will still need a place to live, after the move.1 day ago

Ed PromiseNice!1 day ago

Debra GurganusCute,I would love to have one1 day ago

Donnie WimpelbergCourtney Wimpelberg1 day ago

Linda Marie Pendle BrainardBed looks very difficult to access & make up.1 day ago

Dave BoisvertGreat!!!1 day ago

Sandra IsiordiaLoved it i want one ¡¡1 day ago

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Tiny House Listings

What is the fair price of a tiny house? Laura attempts to tackle this frequently-asked question.

Read it here: ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

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Karen MerrellI bought a bank repo a few years ago for far less than these houses are going for. I got almost half acre of land and put only about $10k to remodel it. I own the land and the house should sit there for several decades. As much as I love these tiny houses and the idea behind them, I find them quite pricey.23   ·  1 day ago

Fiona Kathleen MarleyI bought a small <1000 sq ft house for $37,000. Even with overhauling most of the bathroom and the central air, it was less then $65,000. I cannot justify investing in these tiny houses that cost as much or more than mine did.11   ·  1 day ago

Charla PflanzNOT 60 Gs6   ·  1 day ago

Maurice Mansel CopelandMy daughter and I have extensively discussed starting a tiny house company here in Arkansas with an eye toward a more affordable design. I have the experience and knowledge to build them from the ground up --including the trailer. I personally know many folks who can't bring themselves to take the leap of undertaking a project like this but want to live the lifestyle afforded by tiny home living. What price freedom? Yes, one can find great values in the "typical home" market, but that's not really what this is all about for many folks. Many of us prefer the stripped-down, simple life that is demanded by living in a small space.5   ·  1 day ago

Henri TwistSeems that the tiny house market has quickly gone from offering affordable & alternative housing for plain folks, to catering & marketing towards upscale affluent people wanting 2nd or 3rd homes, vacation retreats, because they are pop culture trendy and cute.4   ·  19 hours ago

KristyRae BergeronI think the material cost, design, experience and time vary so greatly that it makes no sense to put all tiny houses in the same category. It might be rediculous to pay $50,000+ for something made mostly out of reclaimed materials and / or cheaper materials, didn't take long to plan or build, etc. But I think a lot of the designer tiny houses with larger price tags are a reflection of the fact that living tiny is becoming posh. So architects (who would charge a pretty penny regardless of the project) are getting in on the action. Keep in mind that many use expensive materials and specialty appliances. Also, cost per square foot works a little differently than in a typical house because so much more utility is squeezed into the space rather than being spread out. I see a lot of people comment about how much more expensive a tiny is than a mobile home, but they are entirely different. Unless you know the total build cost and time, you really don't know if something is 'too expensive'.4   ·  1 day ago

Sheila GastonIn my opinion for the money anyway get an older park model for 3,500 and rehab it. Any way I go it is just an investment in a better interior.floor's done this past winter, new roof this summer now.., we can expand in any direction , if we want to when we get our own land..park rent is 305 and than my eletric is 50 to 100 depending on the season. I have 13 x 35 , owned out right and..can do what i want or need as we go.3   ·  1 day ago

Lisa FisherI am having a Tiny House built and have found the windows,door, cabinets, countertops and shower surround. I had the trailer built and have hired a contractor. I have set a budget of $250000. I don't have any building experience so I am leaving it up to a professional. I am so looking forward to the freedom it will afford me in the long run. Building starts this week and can't wait till its done. Goodbye big living expenses!3   ·  1 day ago

Gordon Kelse FurrExactly. And being creative can make use of alternative and free materials locally available.
One quick thing to consider:
Are you planning to regularly TOW the home from site to site?
Most likely not.
You COULD make it to be easily lifted up off the trailer, then supporting on piers. THEN the trailer could be used for other purposes. If you built the structure at the intended final site, of course you would never even NEED the cost of the trailer, though you COULD design it to have a trailer slid under it should you ever have to move it.
Also, you could design two or more units to sit together side by side or in a tee, or even parallel but separated with a light fabric roof and a deck set between.
The popular rectangular forms we typically see do NOT have to be the limit of the paradigm.
What about a conestoga style arch roof made from bent and cheap EMT conduit with a durable translucent roof fabric stretched over?
Don't limit yourself to the "Park Model" stereotype.

(My career was as product designer/ R&D head/engineer in factory-built housing, having designed over one-third BILLION dollars worth of housing products).2   ·  1 day ago

Kara MarieHeather Gray1   ·  22 hours ago

Suzanne D HarrisA fair price is as much as someone is willing to pay for the tiny home in question. No one forces anyone to pay 30k or more for a tiny home. Most people that love the tiny home movement are frugal and centered around simple living, so paying a high end decorator type price isn't feasible. Hopefully, we will see more budget friendly options in the future.1   ·  1 day ago

Christopher TatumI built a 12 x12 in my backyard for my kids with mostly reclaimed materials for 1,000 dollars including the price of an a/c and a 32inch tv; and laminate flooring For another 4 grand , I could triple the size and add a bathroom.Could be done even cheaper with recycled pallets for the floors and the walls(with plywood and siding over them)1   ·  1 day ago

Phyllis RoachI want one so bad can any one tell me is there any way to win one ? I live in north Carolina right now but would move8 hours ago

Stephanie Michelle HollandThe point is to build a space for less and I have seen ones for $50,000 and that makes no sense to me. But if there is a way to make money it will be done. My goal is for the piece of land and the home, I would like to be under $10,000. I don't know if it can be done but that is a goal for me. 23 hours ago

Angie HaralsonPRICEY ---24 hours ago

KristyRae BergeronBrandy that's fantastic! Where I live, that price does not exist. You're lucky to find a 3br for 200,000 in most of New England1 day ago

David DawkinsHow high the moon?1 day ago

Butch Berry$50001 day ago

Paul MitchellWell build one it's a lot of money with decent stuff ,buy one it's a lot of money ,sell one it's worth nothing these folks say .i like the idea and might build one but resale seems tough .1 day ago

Brandy DeMarcoThese builders are taking advantage of ppl who enjoy
The though of tiny living..
My 3 bed 2 bath deck pool on 2 ackers cost 50k so really?1   ·  1 day ago

Marina Torres SaraoI don't know for a fact, but it looks like they may be a lot cheaper if you build them yourself.1 day ago

Rando Leon DiazYou can build your own and it will cost much less1 day ago

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Tiny House Listings

FOR SALE: $5,000 for this recently-completed tiny house on wheels.

Listing is here: (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

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Bill BrooksGreat price for someone wanting a tiny house. Much cheaper than building your own.4   ·  1 day ago

Fiona Kathleen MarleyGiven that most tiny homes cost more than my 2 bedroom house, this is a great price. I am a fan of being able to customize the interior. If there was someone who could help me figure out if my city allows them, I'd buy 3.3   ·  1 day ago

Abigail PacionLaura hehehehehe1   ·  1 day ago

Lesley Michelle LayboltBrent Christopher Laybolt1   ·  1 day ago

Michelle HeranYou're gonna burn up those cabinets if you use that left burner though!1   ·  1 day ago

Maria HurleyIt doesn't look finished inside... or maybe the pictures aren't very good.1   ·  1 day ago

Neuf MilleGreat..can u send to southeast asia? I means Malaysia...1   ·  1 day ago

Rebecca LewisAmie Penwell - made me think of you!23 hours ago

Carla DixonThe trailer and wood are worth more then that? You should mark it up, or people will think there is something wrong with it. :-)1 day ago

Candy BaxterThis is the first time I've seen photos of the underside of a place... Not sure why they thought that was important ????1 day ago

Melody Gadd-MynesWhat's wrong with it? I'm sure it's not completed inside. But the exterior is worth $5,000.1 day ago

Allen S FeldgreberThat's ridiculous and living in a 400 square foot park model trailer that I bought for five thousand dollars including the furniture1 day ago

Tracy JonesIs it finished?1 day ago

Nancy Francycan you deliver? Penna.1 day ago

Linda Marie Pendle BrainardI wish! Love!1 day ago

Terry McGuirevery nice1 day ago

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Tiny House Listings

The Silver Moonbeam, high in the mountains of Colorado. Thanks for sharing Lynn!

More photos here: (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Angela Edneyvery nice i could see myself here full time with a proper heater7   ·  2 days ago

Trishula EltzWallpaper could use some help.4   ·  2 days ago

Rosie HammelAnnette Ludrick! How perfect?!1   ·  2 days ago

Tanya HermannLarkin Wiegert Liverman Maura Lee Cremin Polly Thomas1   ·  2 days ago

Margie LynchMy dream too--a Spartanette in the mountains.1   ·  2 days ago

Betty HolmesVery nice , peaceful1   ·  2 days ago

Eric Curry70's5 hours ago

Gregory DuttonHow much9 hours ago

Roger CahelaIs this for sale9 hours ago

Sara Reynoldsyou ever think abt selling? love it!!10 hours ago

Anne Heroux BrennerBoy, does that interior ever bring back memories! My first home after moving to AZ in 1971 was an Airstream 8x30.15 hours ago

Kris Sullivan LattSo cute!1 day ago

Amy Fisher JacksonThat is excellent!1 day ago

Dina Erskine-McLooneEric Erskine us please Colorado or Washington1 day ago

Deborah WilliamsReally cute, yeah I think the wallpaper would make me nuts!2 days ago

Karen BradshawBeautiful. You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful place to retreat to.2 days ago

Jennifer BurgerSwoon!2 days ago

Rose GreedyMust need some flashlights oil lamp and a wack of water it's amazing how much water we use u should collect rain water and put a solar panel up for electricity thst would be an extra help there otherwise relaxing and beautiful scenery2 days ago

Rose GreedyEnjoy your moments there life us about reflection peace and harmony in our souls enable us to be better people to others2 days ago

Audrey C SpeerLove love Spartanette's Want one so bad2 days ago

Bertha MartinezI love these tiny homes they are cozy!!2 days ago

Sharron DevriesIs it for sale???2 days ago

Theresa CurtinWould love to live here...2 days ago

Dennis Phillipswow Ilove this2 days ago

Doug JohnsonI like it !!!!2 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Checkout this tiny house front porch built by Tennessee Tiny Homes! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Erika MørupWhere is the house that this porch attaches to? It's on a trailer, so there can't be much real estate left behind the facade. Is the rest of the house on another trailer, and the two get attached on site??6   ·  2 days ago

Luciana SeymourCute, love the big porch !!! Anymore info on this?3   ·  2 days ago

Susan Winstead WilsonLove the porch!! I'd screen it in so I could sleep out!!2   ·  2 days ago

Sue LockwoodI'm all about tiny houses with big porches!!!!1   ·  2 days ago

Tonia Freeland RobertsI'd love to have ceiling fans on a big front porch.1   ·  2 days ago

Pat HollenbeckNice porch, I am sure the inside looks good too1   ·  2 days ago

Jo Ani would really love to see the inside3 hours ago

Ori HoustonAshton Cessac this one!1 day ago

Chris PutnamLove it1 day ago

TerryAnn BauderAwesome2 days ago

Doranda SaylorDwight Keating2 days ago

Wendy Dean SusakThis is my favorite by far!2 days ago

Carla SanchezLOVE it!!2 days ago

Chuck LakinAimee Lakin2 days ago

Cathy CathyCOULD BE......... : )2 days ago

Amy DinsmoreAre the house and porch on separate trailers? Or is the house on a foundation? Curious and intrigued!2 days ago

John OHearnNice2 days ago

Carol FranciscoLove a Tennessee porch! My beautiful home state!2 days ago

Brenda BaderLove it. Just beautifull.2 days ago

Nicole Beaulieu SlatteryTom DeGregorio I want this!2 days ago

Shirley GlennLove it...exactly what I want.2 days ago

Nancy HissaI want that!!!2 days ago

Megan DonaldsonDiana Phillips2 days ago

Selena OswaltSherry Jones Junkin, Ernest N Shirley Jones join this site!!!! You will love!2 days ago

Peggy Turner BassettNow just put it on beach...please2 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Tiny House Listings shared Tiny House Blog's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

John and his wife anchor their house in the outermost skerries every summer. A houseboat is the ultimate solution if you want to live like a multimillionaire, but have more ideas than money.

3 days ago

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Heidi SpeerDrive down any water lined road in Louisiana...houseboats rule!!6   ·  3 days ago

Stoner ApotcalypseThese rock!9 hours ago

Jennifer McGlothlinDoes sewage present an issue?1 day ago

John R SeatonLooks like fun!1 day ago

Ori HoustonJk jk Ashton , I want this one now.1 day ago

Irene Palermo BauerschmidtLove it!2 days ago

Edie MaynardWith a kayaks tried to the deck. I am there2 days ago

Clifford Pendletoncamden maine would have a cow if we tryed that here !!! think i'll do it any ways !! looks sweet to me !2 days ago

Ernie LopezNow that's living ,love it !!!!!2 days ago

Janet StevensI absolutely love it!2 days ago

Cliff SchwanknerThis i really days ago

Hendrawan WoqieI think , I'm Falling In Love.2 days ago

Debra GurganusAnnette McSwane Gurganus , almost perfect, combine simple living with water!2 days ago

Michael H. IdoyagaMikey wants.2 days ago

Shanan Smith-GreenThis would be such a fun Summer getaway!!2 days ago

Theresa Methe MullinLove it!2 days ago

Rick BoydI would love to have this!!2 days ago

Jessica ReedAndrew Hoctor2 days ago

Jessica Reed@ahoctor2 days ago

Linda Marie Pendle BrainardLove it!2 days ago

Cullen McIntyrenow that's my dream home location2 days ago

Sharon Edgell PaulySo cool, could be on your future Doug and Robin2 days ago

Angie Dongieux RaganWilliam Andrew Ragan2 days ago

Morgan CountrymanYup more ideas than money2 days ago

Kerensa Martin-BaileyHeaven!3 days ago

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Tiny House Listings

Not tiny but I still had to share this recently-completed small cottage shared over at Small House Swoon.

Check it out here: ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Michael E RiithI love this cottage this is me and my wife's dream home!16   ·  3 days ago

Marilyn NicolI'd buy that in a heartbeat!9   ·  3 days ago

Jo Ann Stillwell LauraitisThis is one of my favorites!4   ·  3 days ago

Matt David FoleyThese homes seem like a great idea. Considering one myself in the future if i find some good land to put it on.3   ·  3 days ago

Marilyn Teffner WalkerAudrey is perfect !2   ·  3 days ago

Corey CorbettPerfect for me. I want one1   ·  3 days ago

Peggy GibsonLove this!1   ·  3 days ago

Michael McLaughlinThat is so adorable...if it were out in the country i would live in that in a heartbeat....1   ·  3 days ago

Lucy Nav VetLove it but how safe are they....such as with bad weather....Would it mean to have to evacuate every time bad weather around? Is there any area in this country that does not have some sort of bad weather...either hurricanes...tornados or earthquakes.1   ·  3 days ago

Robin Johnson ThornePerfect and right up my alley!1   ·  3 days ago

Stacey Ferrell EvansLove1   ·  3 days ago

Theresa BabbThis is my dream home, too. If only I could find someone to build me something this perfect in these dimensions.1   ·  3 days ago

Corrinne HoffNice!1 hour ago

Fern days ago

Terry L BradburyNot tiny, but very compact and pleasant.....would be good infill house2 days ago

Mona Sarratt KnightReally love this! Outstanding layout; would be perfect for me.2 days ago

Anneke de Boeryou call this tiny? Amusing because this is not an abnormal tiny size in holland. A lot of people live like this ;-)2 days ago

Joyce Sasserreally like this, and would like to see the floor plans....the exterior looks like there is a second floor level for bedrooms, but the same photo looks like the front room is the bedroom so who knows! lovely job done by these folks!2 days ago

Rene BesetteIt is so lovely2 days ago

Linda Bateshi vern, thats all the room anyone needs...very cute2 days ago

Sandra BlackI so want this!!!2 days ago

Aubry LeeModified Whidbey from Tumbleweed!2 days ago

Jenny-Andy Berlingeriwow. that is gorgeous!2 days ago

Deborah Mathews FaulknerLove this house!2 days ago

Beros RoblesYolmaris Berrios2 days ago

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